Identity verification process

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The aim of CryptoPolice - developing products that assure effective protection of users against online fraud and scam

WatchDog is a pop-up notification system that scans online objects based on the information in the CryptoPolice archive. It works similar to an antivirus program.

The WatchDog system delivers notifications just as a user comes close to online objects and tries to interact with an element, while also parsing information across various channels - browser plugins, mobile applications, bots on social media and messengers.

Learn more in the CryptoPolice project whitepaper.

The OfficerCoin (OFCR) that will be used at the CryptoPolice platform to perform various functions. All in-platform services will be payable only with the token. In addition, the coin will be used to pay out rewards to users who furnish quality applications and verify them.

You will receive your OFCR tokens within an 1 hour to the Ethereum address from which the transaction to the contract was made.

If you are interested in CryptoPolice project, please fill out this form. We review all applications and contact all persons who seem to offer some relevant opportunities for us. Stand up to help make our space safer for all of us.

Fill out this form to apply for partnership: Partner form

CryptoPolice algorithms are built with the use of blockchain technology, which allows them to work quickly, safely and with a higher degree of trust. 

Blockchain completely eliminates risks of corruption and fraud within the system.

Furthermore, the use of blockchain technology contributes to the creation of an information storage system which is error-resistant and entirely safe.

You can see our roadmap on our website and in our whitepaper (pages 39-41)

By combining community and technology CryptoPolice will safeguard online users against fraud. We will develop products that will assure effective protection of users against online fraud and scam, like phishing, ICO Scam, Exit scam, Fake Projects, Crypto Media Scam, etc.

CryptoPolice is focused on action against fraud on the Internet by developing and improving safety tools for its participants:

  • scam search – by actively interacting with society, CryptoPolice can react as swiftly as possible to scam activity, which minimizes the degree of potential damage;

  • scam verification – a decentralized algorithm of multi-level verification allows CryptoPolice to objectively identify a scam and take fast decisions;

  • public archive – information on all results of CryptoPolice work is open and available to any user;

  • reporting on the scam – the WatchDog system quickly informs users about suspicious objects and activities;

  • protection of investment – CryptoPolice is offering its own contract for the ICO owners; this offers ICO owners their own escrow contract that ensures equal rights for investors and owners;

  • database of Internet objects – CryptoPolice maintains a database of verified Internet objects (websites, web pages, social network or messenger accounts etc);

  • rewards for participants – CryptoPolice uses an active system of motivating communities by providing an opportunity for decent earnings;

  • knowledge base – CryptoPolice provides users with opportunities of training and education by forming a public knowledge base of high-quality educational and informative materials;

  • development and improvement – CryptoPolice is in the process of continuous improvement using its accumulated experience and adapting to circumstances.

No, OFCR coins are not minable.

At the moment our platform counts more than 12 000 users and counting.

  • CryptoPolice is a project of Estonian company CRPOLTECH OÜ. The company have received two licenses – one for providing a virtual currency wallet service, and the other for providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency.

CryptoPolice have partnered up with NJORD Law Firm, that assist us with identifying legal risks and understanding the legal boundaries our technology must operate within. They have provided us with whitepaper analysis and legal opinion on the status of our token, and we receive ongoing tax support from them. Most importantly, they developed our Rules of Procedure to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, to ensure we have an efficient KYC process. 

CrytpoPolice platform

After we will deliver WatchDog anyone will be able to send suspicious facts to CryptoPolice.

We set up the CryptoPolice Academy in order to enable training and certification for Officers.

In their training, Officers take various courses to learn about Internet fraud basics and its types and schemes, as well as ways to identify the scam.

 Academy will also furnish training materials on types, checklists and methods that can be used to identify ICO scams. The community itself will generate new content for the Academy. 

Every user will be able to create training materials in text and video formats and furnish them to be assessed by the community. Should the materials be accepted for publication, the user will receive a reward in tokens.

 After the training course has been completed, the user will have to undergo a test in order to be certified as an Officer.

We created the CryptoPolice Academy for Officer training and certification purposes. After going through training, the user has to pass a test and only after this can a user be certified as an Officer. In case of a successful certification pass, the user will be enrolled in the team of Officers and will receive unique functionality: 

• The opportunity to carry out investigations; 

• The opportunity to issue verdicts;

• The opportunity to implement verification of verdicts; 

• The opportunity to apply for an appeal of a verified verdict. 

Successful performance of these operations will allow a user to receive rewards in the form of OfficerCoin tokens.

Now all courses are free of charge.

Users who take an active role in CryptoPolice operations have the chance to earn rewards for their efforts. The rewards help incentivize both Officers and regular users to carry out their tasks in a fast and accurate manner when submitting reports or delivering and verifying verdicts.

After adding a verdict to the archive, a user who has provided the information, the Officer who has issued a verdict and each Officer who has approved this verdict receive rewards.

To incentivize the engagement by Officers that bring the highest value to the platform, the rewards system will account for the tokens earned and held by each Officer, as per the principle “the more tokens the Officer has earned and retained, the more assignments they can claim.”

Token Sale

Restricted areas: USA, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guyana, Iraq, Lao PDR, Syria, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen, Iran, North Korea, China.

Anyone, who would like to participate in our token sale has to enter their name, surname and your Ethereum wallet address, where we will send your tokens. 

If you will receive the tokens to your Ethereum wallet after the purchase.

In the stage of Private Sale, the minimum purchase is 10 ETH. During the presale and token sale, the minimum purchase will be 0,1 ETH.

How to participate in the crowdsale with Ethereum

Use MyEtherWallet or any other ERC-20 wallet to send your ETH. You will receive your OFCR tokens within an hour to the Ethereum address from which the transaction to the contract was made.

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Use Mist wallet or any other ERC-20 wallet to send your ETH. You will receive your OFCR tokens within an hour to the Ethereum address from which the transaction to the contract was made.

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Use MetaMask wallet or any other ERC-20 wallet to send your ETH. You will receive your OFCR tokens within an hour to the Ethereum address from which the transaction to the contract was made.

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How to participate in the crowdsale with Bitcoin

To participate in crowdsale firstly you have to have Bitcoin on your wallet. At the first step of token sale you will be providing your ERC20 compatible wallet address, so that you will be able to receive your tokens. At the second step of token sale we will be providing you with our Bitcoin address, to which you'll be sending your Bitcoin to contribute to the ICO.

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How to create Ether wallet? is a free, open-source, client-side interface for generating Ethereum wallets & interacting with the blockchain easily & securely.

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Mist is an electron application, means it's a desktop hybrid application with a web interface. Mist is also a digital wallet: you can store digital currencies in it.

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MetaMask is an Ethereum extension for your browser. It connects you to Ethereum applications (called dApps) easily and securely. MetaMask is also a digital wallet: you can store digital currencies in it.

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How to add OFCR tokens to your Ethereum wallet

To add OFCR tokens to MyEtherWallet ...

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To add OFCR tokens to Mist wallet ...

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To add OFCR tokens to MetaMask wallet ...

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